Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Need Goals!

I started running in 2007, I think.  At least that's what my oldest event shirt tells me.  I started out with half marathons and continued with half marathons.  In the last year I've ventured into cycling, which I absolutely love, hence; the R.A.I.N. Ride. I've done the Rebel Race, a mud run, and ran Dances With Dirt, an Ultra trail running relay.

When I started running, my initial goal for the half marathon was for daily motivation to run.  I was running to lose weight and maintain my health, not because I enjoyed running.  It was pretty much a form of self torture.  I was at least 25 pounds overweight, if not more.  I didn't want to go into 13.1 miles without the proper training, therefore; I would be more likely to be consistent with my running and exercise in general.  Whether it worked or not is another blog for another day.

Since 2007, my running has been very inconsistent.  History seemed to always repeat itself.  I would try hard, be as consistent as my childrens' active lifestyles would allow me, and run as much as possible about 3 months prior to every half.  I would complete the half, then somewhat if not completely disappear from the gym/running scene.  I would sign up again for another half to rediscover my motivation to get back to pounding the pavement.

Last year's seriously unexpected hysterectomy obviously sidelined me, again.  Again, that's another blog for another day.  Regardless, once again I was spending less days out on the street.  Of course, I rebounded.  Strangely enough, even after my last half, an obnoxious knee issue and the completion of other races I've completed within the last year; I have yet to regress.

I seem to be motivated more than ever. I dread missing a daily run or a bike ride. I want to run every 5k, 10k, 15k, and half marathon I'm aware of. I search for organized group bike rides as often as possible. I eagerly read others' blogs to hear about your triathalons, marathons, trail runs and century rides. Obviously, I can only do what my family obligations and financial abilities will allow me.

With my current motivation level I've been seriously thinking of higher goals, bigger things.  I have yet to decide what "bigger things" I would like to move onto.  Do I want to do a full marathon or do I want to stick to the half that's incorporated into a 70.3 triathalon?  Once I know, you'll be the first to know!

I want to hear from you why I should or shouldn't graduate to the full marathon versus a triathalon.  If you have a better idea, you can tell me that too.

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