January 1st Resolution Revolution 3 miles DONE!
January 26th Planet Adventure Winter Trail Night Run 6.55 miles DONE! 1:28:49:4
February 3rd Groundhog Seven 7 miles DONE! 1:25:10 Pace 12:10 (injured)
February 23rd Polar Bear Doubler 3 miles & 5 miles DONE! 


January 21st Bop to the Top  108 stair flights Triple Step DONE!
First leg: 0:9:12.7 2nd leg: 0:9:20.2 3rd leg: 0:9:40.4 Total 0:28:13.3
January 28th Legacy Loop 5k DONE! 31:03.2  Pace 9:59 
February 12th Groundhog 7 7 miles DONE! 1:13.21 Pace 10:29
February 25th Polar Bear Doubler 5 & 3 miles DONE!
3 miles: 31:32.4 Pace 10:30
5miles: 52:50.2 Pace 10:34
Series Total: 1:24:22 Pace 10:32
March 3rd 500 Festival Training Series 10k DONE!  1:00:56 Pace 9:49
March 10th Qdoba DINO Trail Run 15k DONE! 1:46.23 Pace 11.24
March 11th Big Hoops Day 5k DONE! 28:10.6 Pace 9:04
March 24th Sam Costa Half half marathon DONE! 2:18:27
April 14th Hoosier Ten Mile 10 miles DONE! 1:38:05.7
May 5th 500 Festival Mini-Marathon half marathon DONE! 2:17:05 Race Recap
July 4th Firecracker 6  6 miles DONE! 1:04:00
July 21st R.A.I.N. Ride 1 day, 1 way, 160 mile bike ride DONE! 13:12:00 Ride Recap
August 4th Eagle Creek Trail Half Marathon DONE! 2:57:37.6 Race Recap
September 1st Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon DONE! Race Recap 2:07:38
September 15th Air Force Marathon 
September 22nd The Hope Ride 50 miles 
December 1st Sankt Nikolaus 5 mile 46:04.4
December 8th Jingle Bell Run 10k 57.46.0
December 16th Santa Hustle Half Marathon 2:10:35.69
December 24th Rudolph Run 5K 28:43.8


This schedule is not complete and is subject to change for any reason I see fit.  This is to include reasons such as; because I was lazy and didn't want to do it, because I changed my mind and wanted to do a different event, because the weather was not up to par with my preferences, my children decided to insert something into my schedule, my dog ate my running shoes, etc.  The list of excuses can go on and on.  I accept "donations" of valid or invalid excuses.  Please feel free to leave your suggestions of best excuses  for not completing an event. 


April 9th  500 Festival Training Series 15k
May 7th  500 Festival Mini-Marathon
May 14th  Dances w/ Dirt Gnawbone 55 mile trail run relay
July 16th  R.A.I.N. Ride 1 way, 1 day, 163 mile bike ride
September 24th  Rebel Race 5k mud run
October 8th Spotlight on Nursing 10k
October 15th & 16th  Hilly Hundred 100 mile bike ride
November 24th  Turkey Trot 4.5 miles
December 10th  Jingle Bell 5k
December 17th Santa Hustle 5k
                                                      December 24th Rudolph Run 5k

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  1. How about "I couldn't run because I had to update my blog and tweet what I ate today?"

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    Hello Christina,
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