Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Alibi Clothing Bloomer Winner

Congrats to Annie B. You have won the cycling Bloomer shorts. Please contact me with your shipping information, size, and color preference.

Thirteen Things Thursday

  1. I did a 5 mile run last night that should have been a piece of cake.  Noooo.....I mentally had to force myself to finish and paid for it the rest of the evening.  I had the serious, overwhelming desire to vomit. 
  2. A person in my life had a quadruple bypass heart surgery yesterday.  One reason I can rationalize my lifestyle of fitness and healthy eating. 
  3. The Legacy Run 5k this weekend, affilliated with the Super Bowl, is my first run ever with one of my kids. My 14 year old, football obsessed son will be running it with me.
  4. My scale battery has died.  Quite annoying, since I think I would like the numbers.  Of course, when I'm up 5 lbs-10 lbs it works quite consistently.
  5. We came up with a more mutually amicable solution for my 18 year old daughter for Spring Break.  Previous years past has always been a family vacation, either in Florida or a cruise.  It's her senior year of high school and is wanting to do something with friends.   We'll be flying her to Vegas to visit with Grandma and her best friend.  I can definitely stomach that.  Her first proposal had me contemplating anti-anxiety meds; Panama Beach City with other friends.  Do you people ever watch 20/20 and 60 minutes about what goes on during Spring Break? Well, I do and it's enough to put a mother in a padded room just contemplating it. 
  6. I bought a foam roller about a week or so ago.  I'm consistently using it for my IT band issue.  It seems to be doing the trick.  I was scared to increase my mileage for awhile because my knee told me in his own special way it wasn't a good idea. I seem to be having minimal issues now, if not non-existent.
  7. Please tell me why 3-5 of our treadmills at the gym don't work?  It's quite annoying thinking you've found a treadmill, only to walk up to it to find the screen blank. A gym of this size and obnoxious monthly dues should not only keep all equipment in great condition, but should be applying Swarovski crystals to my membership card and Perrier should be shooting out of the water fountains. 
  8. I really...and I mean really, seriously need to kick this soda addiction. Some day....
  9. I think I heard my trainer squeaking from the front office this morning.  I think she misses me.  I have ignored her for about a week as I've focused on my running.
  10. I've finally started wearing the Brooks Trance this week that I bought back on Black Friday. I don't know what it was about them, I wasn't as eager to wear them as I am when I've replaced my Brook Adrenalines with Adrenalines.  Maybe it was the lack of color.  These new Trances are white with a just basic orange accents in the logo and the sole.  My old adrenalines have vivid pink laces and soles.  What more could a girl ask for?
  11. I'm proud of my oldest son who has stuck with taekwondo for the last 2 years and will have his black belt soon.
  12. I'm curious to see how the Super Bowl works out in the City of Indianapolis.  I'm not in any way football crazy and seriously could care less about the football itself.  I just see the traffic being a nightmare.  I'm glad I don't work downtown.
13. Me at the Bop To The Top this previous weekend.  I did the Triple Step version and did 36 flights of stairs 3 times.  Just say it was harder than I expected. 

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gym Etiquette

A few points to ponder on Gym Etiquette from yours truly!

I spent quite a bit of time in the gym this last weekend and I encountered ALL of these gym blunders within the three day period.  The following tips of advice are nothing new to the gym goer; but I think a few of you need a friendly reminder.

Gym etiquette tip #1: If you smell as if you had a great workout BEFORE you get to the gym, take a shower BEFORE you get to the gym.

Come on people.  If I can smell you from 10 feet away, there's no doubt you can smell yourself. 

Gym etiquette #2: Do not stare up my shorts for more than 5 seconds, let alone minutes. It's blatantly obvious you are a creepy critter. 

.....that and have really low standards. Really? I would understand if I were 18 years old with thin, nice legs and thighs.  But nooooooooo, what you are getting here is 38 years worth of thighs that are nowhere worth a stare but than other to say, she should be trying out that infomercial product that guarantees to rid your body of unsightly cellulite.   

Gym etiquette #3: Wear a sports bra that will hold those puppies down. I think you about knocked your trainer's eyes out. 

Seriously?  How can you not know your bra is not doing the trick? I think your "puppies" became one with the tip of your nose way too many times.  Shame on your trainer for making you do jumping jacks. 

Gym etiquette #4:  To the trainer who must yell and scream every time her client does a "good job". Shut the heck up! They are adults, not kindergartners.

Obviously, all of the gym members' stares and glares are not enough for you to understand that no one appreciates your bell ringing, woo hooing self.  We don't want to hear any one's grunting or other unnecessary bodily noises while working out.  This also applies to you. 

Gym etiquette #5: I'm ecstatic that you are self confident! I'm not ecstatic to get a full frontal view of your nude body in the locker room.

I'm not a prude, but seriously.  I don't care if you have 1% body fat and six pack abs; have some modesty.  This isn't about the pretty bodies versus the not so pretty.  I do not discriminate.  I don't want to see YOU; at least not all of you.

Gym etiquette #6: Keep your disappointment to yourself once you realize my husband is not available to join your team. No, I'm not talking about the recreational basketball team. 

You know who you are.  Myself and dear husband were painfully aware that you weren't not ecstatic about my sudden female presence when I joined my husband in the hot tub. Sorry honey, I'm not going anywhere. Find your own man.

What are your gym etiquette pet peeves? 

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Alibi Clothing Giveaway!

When I was contacted by Abbie of  My Alibi Clothing to offer one of my faithful followers a pair of these adorable cycling Bloomers; my first thought was absolutely. Who am I to hold back someone's opportunity to wear these cute little shorts?

Abbie is currently underway to start a new line of  My Alibi Clothing.  What makes this new line so special, you ask, that's she willing to part with a pair of her adorable Bloomers? 

(The following excerpt was derived from Abbie's blog)

If you think about your entire wardrobe, what do you wear the most?   Is it the funky prints or that solid tank top that seems to go well under everything?  Yes, the flashy fun prints accent all of our styles, but for most of us, there are a few essential basics in our closet that we wear every day.  These clothes do not define our style but rather act as a foundation that make us feel good, allowing us to style up or down depending on our lifestyle.   The 2012 My Alibi Clothing line is all about bringing some of the functionality that you need to feel comfortable on a bike, to these wardrobe essentials.  This line is designed to bridge the gap between bike functional clothing and stylish fashion.  By sourcing some of the most cutting edge technology in high performance fabrics merged with soft and supple hand feel, this line goes beyond your average basics, to offer moisture management, durability and quality of construction, along with flattering fits and a whole lot of extras.  The 3 styles of Cami tops bring maximum support with the triple layer integrated shelf bra without the sporty look or too thin spaghetti straps.  With three ample pockets placed appropriately in a longer cut, they are there when you need them, but don’t add to your waistline silhouette when empty.

The Reversible Skirt, simple skirt, Pedal Pusher Capri and Bermuda shorts are all made of a highly technical woven fabric that only stretches one way to allow it to fit comfortable and move with you, without stretching out and sagging like most knits.  Since we have removed the chamois, and all these bottoms can be worn with or without the Bloomers.  They are more then just bike clothes, but they fit comfortable and work well on the bike then on to the rest of your day.  Since the fabric does not snag or pill (or shrink in the dryer!) they will withstand the vigors of a MTB ride, while looking good enough to wear to the office, or dinner date.

One Lucky Winner Will Win These Cycling Bloomers!
Bloomer Details Here, $70.00 Value

 The Original My Alibi Bloomers are intended to bring he comfort of the best quality padded bike short, to every woman’s lifestyle, by creating an under garment that is feminine, comfortable, sexy, and leaves no panty lines.  One customer wrote, “I love my Bloomers and the diversity they give me for looking cute on my bike! I never thought I would be able to wear skirts so freely as I cruise through town and bike trails. Now I feel great on my bike for more reasons than just the exercise!  To Abbie, this is the point: you should be able to wear what you want and go where you need to, feeling confident and beautiful, on a bike.

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign is designed to allow the public to help fund the production by pre-ordering the new products.  This crowd-funding platform is an exciting new way for people to put their money to work bringing new ideas to life.  Since the products are being offered as rewards for the pledges it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved.  Since supporters only pay out after the goal of the project is met, the risk involved is eliminated for both the supporters and the creators.   With just 8 days left to raise $50k, we hope you will get excited to help make it happen!
(The end of Abbie's blog excerpt)

MANDATORY TO ENTERMandatory Entry for one chance-Go to Abbie's Kickstarter Campaign, look around, watch the video and come back here and let us know via a blog comment what you think about Abbie's new line.  Next "Like" my Facebook Page.

If you want additional chances, here they are!  Comment here for all ways entered. 

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Contest open until Midnight, January 22nd, 2012. Winner will be drawn January 24th via and notified on this blog, twitter, and facebook (so pay attention!!)

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Out With The Old, but not forgotten.......

Bailey & Dexter
Another year has passed and it was definitely a year to remember.  I have no complaints, no regrets!  I have 3 healthy, gorgeous, funny, bratty children, the rambunctious dachshund duo, and of course my sidekick a.k.a. my husband. In addition, we have a large, crazy extended family on both sides.  What more could I ask for?

The year started out with little fanfare other than the normal, chaotic events of 3 older children and the crazy extra curricular schedule that comes with it. My daughter, 17 years old at the time, decided to add a little excitement to the mix and total her first car that January. The car was seriously damaged. Little brother claimed he would never drive with big sister again, but no one was seriously injured.  If you seen the wrecked car, you would consider this a minor miracle and probably understand little brother's concerns.  
**Sidenote:  Crazy, obsessive moms such as myself have gut instincts when it comes to our children.  That morning, I second guessed allowing the kids to drive themselves to school.  I had this overwhelming, internal, hard to explain, kind of feeling, that I should have driven them to school before they even left the house. I rationalized my final decision by telling myself I can't baby them forever and that they needed to learn to drive with the winter elements.  Within minutes of the kids leaving the house, the phone rang.  I knew prior to the finish of the first ring, something was seriously wrong.  So, your instincts.  
Me, seriously questioning my decision
to zip line.  Can anyone say serious fear
of heights?

On Spring Break, we took our kids on their first cruise ever.  They absolutely loved it and are hoping to to be able to do it again this year.  My youngest son and I had a blast snorkeling and zip lining in Mexico while the remaining family members stayed on dry land to shop.  I have to say running on the dreadmill on a cruise watching the panoramic view of the deep blue sea waters and its dolphins takes the dread out of treadmill. 

The time after our vacation and prior to the first week of May, my running partner and I attempted to train and get in as much running as possible with both of our crazy schedules, prior to the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon.  It was an uneventful, but slow run unlike my first mini ever presented here at Why I Run  on
My last leg of the Dances
with Dirt 50 mi. relay.

Within just a couple of hours of finishing the Mini, I jumped on a plane and headed south to Treasure Island, Florida with my 2 sisters.  I maintained my running, even in the crazy heat, maybe with a little too much gusto.  When I returned home the following Saturday, I ran in the Dances With Dirt 50 mile relay. 

Upon completion of the relay, the sharp pain I experienced immediately after crawling out of the creek, gave great indication I had obviously injured myself and/or over done it.  Even after a weeklong addiction to ibuprofen and applying ice; my grapefruit size knee showed no intent on lessening the swelling anytime soon.  Long story short and after info obtained from an MRI, with an unhappy IT band and diminishing cartilage, I needed to find an activity, at least temporarily that didn't involve the high impact of running.

Isn't she beautiful?  She even slept with us in our hotel
room the night prior to our R.A.I.N. ride.
My love affair for biking started all because of my battered relationship with running.  Once we bought our bikes, I wanted to ride all of the time.  I harassed my husband every Saturday morning and any other chance we had to get in a bike ride.  Sometimes he obliged and other times I had to find other willing companions. Just like my running, he isn't the most willing participant when it comes to what he calls my "crazy endeavors".

The "Before" picture, before he
wanted to kick me!
The "After" picture, after we
were done & that was his thumbs
up to "Consider yourself lucky, I
haven't killed you yet."
 I'll never forget my first real biking event.  My husband and I completed the R.A.I.N. Ride, a 160 mile ride in one day across the state of Indiana only three weeks after buying our bikes.  Just to give you an idea of our day, this was my Facebook post following this quite eventful day:  "Bikes $1000, Biker Shorts $80, Entry Fees $ $90, Helmets $80, Hotel $100 FINISHING the RAIN ride 163 miles on bike with your husband, PRICELESS! Him telling me he wants to kick me for getting him into this, NOT SO NICE!"

I continued my summer with as much bike riding as possible and eventually started running again.  Well, I probably shouldn't call it running.  My knee had finally reduced itself to half the grapefruit it used to be and I was able to get in a mud run, the Rebel Race, prior to the end of the summer.  You can read all about it here at Conquering The Wall

I got in a couple of extra events in October, a 10K and the very Hilly Hundred century bike ride. I seriously questioned almost every minute of the Hilly, whether it was going to end up a DNF.  It was probably the hardest event, running or biking, that I've ever done. Lack of training, and of course those dang hills; of course contributed to my lack of confidence.  Regardless, my desire to not have a DNF on my record prevailed.  I finished every freaking mile and hill and intend to be back next year, hopefully with more miles under my belt prior to the ride.

Of course, my daughter decided to add a little more excitement to our lives, once again.  She totalled her second vehicle, less than a year later on the way to school. All occupants were ok, other than vowing never to ride with big sister once again. As before, if you were to see said totalled vehicle, you would once again question this minor miracle.  Read sidenote above.  Exact same internal, gut feelings that I ignored once again; trying not to baby the babies-dumb mommy. 

I finished off the year with a few holiday runs; the Turkey Trot, the Jingle Bell 5k, the Santa Hustle 5k and the Rudolph Run 5k.  It was a busy time as I attempted to squeeze in all of these runs and manage to not go crazy with the hustle & bustle of the season's obligations. Christmas shopping was completed last minute, as usual.  Family gatherings were abundant and sometimes full of more drama than I care to mention.

If I had to sum up the year 2011, I would refer it to my year full of firsts.  I ran my first mud run, bought my first "real" bike, ran my first trail relay, rode 2 significant bike rides of 100 or miles, and ran 4 different holiday runs that I've never ran.  As if I've not mentioned it enough, another big milestone first was my willingness to run in the cold.  Ok, maybe I shouldn't refer to it as willingness, more payed for the run, you sure as heck aren't going to waste the money all because it's a frigid 20 degrees. 

My next post will be your typical bloggers' 2012 goals.  Yes, I too am going to bore you with my intended efforts for the next year.  So, out with the old, but not forgotten; and to follow "In With the New!"

Before my next blog entry bores you to tears on how I intend to make myself better this year, how was your 2011?  Any firsts, never again, etc?

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