Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Was Promised Rain

As of right now, almost 9 hours after I finished the Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon, we have yet to see any significant indication of the Hurricane Isaac remnants we were promised.  Many joked of swimming & boating via Twitter and Facebook versus running. Instead we got humidity that was to die for. 

Most of us would of welcomed Isaac, but no, just like many blind dates, he was a no show. I don't know what he was scared of. Did he not think almost 2500 ladies willing to brave 13.1 miles couldn't handle him? Well, I assure you Isaac, 2500 women who are willing to accomplish 13.1 miles in this humidity could have handled you, in fact we would have welcomed you with open arms.   

As I began my first mile and immediately started to pour in sweat, my hopes of any PR's were immediately squashed.  I just told myself I was going to pace myself to get myself through this awful humidity and that with my recent marathon training, I shouldn't do any worse than my last half, the 500 Festival Mini Marathon.  

Our route took us from downtown Indianapolis to the Monument Circle, up north to the State Fairgrounds area and back down south to the finish line near the NCAA building. I think it was right before mile 7, I seen my husband on the side of the street "trying" to get pictures, so I waved.  The picture is a tad blurry, but you get the point.  

At mile 7, the time caller (I'm sure they have a more official name. I just don't know what it is) called out 1:09.  With some quick "in my head" math, I realized a PR wasn't out of the question, if I maintained my pace or close to it.  From that point, that was enough motivation to "keep it moving". 

Finished & Smiling Because I PR'd. 
Just say there was a lot, and I mean a LOT of mental work going on after that to keep me moving in order to keep up with my last ditch effort at a PR.  Right before the last mile, the turn was a little farther up than I had expected, just say I kept the expletives in my head.  Regardless, I pulled through with a PR of 2:07:38, 9 minutes and 27 seconds faster. WooHoo! PR Happy my head. I was not dancing at the finish line, sorry! 

The night before, I had headed over to the downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel for bib pick up.  It was definitely a ladies affair. There was the local Cosmetology school giving free manicures and massages available. After I picked up my bib and bag, I watched the fashion show by Blue Mile, our local running store while munching on pastries & drinking tea. I then did a window shopping through the vendors. 

I heard the race after party, catered to the female once again, with mimosas, bloody marys and massages.  I didn't get to find out, as I needed to get to an offspring's football game. 

Oh, by the way. It's now thundering. I think Isaac is now trying to make an appearance. 

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  1. I'm so excited you were able to PR today! That humidity wrecked me and I too was wishing for rain. I liked the course though and the open bar (they didn't limit the drinks) afterwards was a very nice perk. Great race, Christina!

  2. Great race...and PR!!! That is awesome. Just think how easy it will be when the temps and/or humidity drops! Woohoo :)

  3. Thanks, Quick Bunny! I would have to say that would have been my first race with an open bar, lol. I don't 'drink', so I headed over to the nearby gas station and picked up what I use for recovery, chocolate milk.

    Thanks, Patti! That's what I keep telling myself, I should be must faster when these temps lessen & the humidity goes away.