Thursday, August 23, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm scheduled for my last "long" run this weekend before my first ever, full marathon in mid September, the Air Force Marathon.  It's actually quite daunting. I've done 16, 18, & 20. I'm scheduled for 20, but I don't like doing 6.2 less miles than the actual marathon.  I would like to know what to expect, ok, NEED to know what to expect. I don't care what anyone says, 6.2 miles is a whole lot of extra miles after you've just done 20.  Twenty and 26.2 is a big difference between finishing or not. So, I'm going out for a minimum of 20 and hoping for more.  I got lucky with my last 20 and had great temps in the early a.m. I'm not expecting that luck again. I've discovered the temps can mean all the difference in the world on these long runs. 

2.  I think I've become race obsessed. I scour the internet looking for local races to fill in EVERY weekend.  Someone, pull away the keyboard. I might need an intervention.  I get a tad excited when a race I'm interested in, comes up on one of the deal sites, such as Groupon, Living Social, etc.  Hey, this addiction is an expensive one. I need all the help I can get. 
3.  My oldest offspring just started college this week.  I'm definitely proud of her.  She's learning to maneuver a large city campus where parking is a nightmare. Keep in mind, she hates to drive.  She's accident prone, is a nice way to express it.  She's coming home every night and hitting the books.  She also made sure that she only works on the weekend so that she can prioritize her grades.  She's making sure that all tuition unpaid for by scholarships is getting paid on time with her own money. She's growing into a fabulous, young women! 

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