Monday, September 10, 2012

Taper Time

I've heard it a thousand times. The taper before your marathon is imperative. I get that. The key is rest, rest and then more rest. I can handle this part quite easily. I'm quite capable of finding things to do since I know longer am required to run for hours on end to cap out at 22 miles on  a trail on the near north side of Indy. 

So far, I've thoroughly cleaned our our walk in closet. I've repainted the front office.  I also sanded and painted the stairwell. I put in a few more hours than usual at the office last week.  I'm not sure if those all count as resting, but my legs are being used minimally. How do I know this? Ask my back. The sanding, the paint rolling, has brought out the muscles in my back that running tend to neglect. 

Physically, I can handle this taper so many refer to as torture.  Mentally, not so much! While sanding, painting & cleaning all I think about is should I be out running instead. Maybe I should add a few miles onto this run.  All of a sudden I have joints & muscles hurting that shouldn't be hurting. I've read this is the psychological part of your separation anxiety from your dependence on running. 

I'm excited that my first full marathon ever, the Air Force Marathon is in just five days, but also nervous that the last 4.2 miles I've never ran will be the death of me.  I keep telling myself my last long run should have been 26 miles, not 22. Others say it's not necessary.  We shall see, or better yet I will see.  

I've been passing some of the time "hanging out" with some of the Air Force marathon runners on the Air Force Marathon Facebook page.  They are quite a group.  If you have a question, you can count on them to answer. If you want to know what the 10 day forecast is for Dayton, Ohio, they will tell you. If you are unsure of your training, they will reassure you.  If motivation is what you need, they will motivate.  If you want to vote for president, you                can do so here.  Don't ask! You'll just have to visit their page. 

Five days, just five days until my first marathon ever. I know I won't cross that finish line first, but I  will cross it. 

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