Friday, April 27, 2012

A Running Dream

Call me paranoid, crazy, whatever you want; as they say I've been called worse. I highly doubt that the fact I just signed up for a FULL 26.2 mile marathon for the first time ever, is merely coincidental as to why I'm suddenly having dreams about running.  I've been running off and on for five years, though the neighborhoods, treadmills, 5k's, 10k's, 15k's, half marathons without ever remembering running instigating such a vivid dream. 

As we are told, everyone dreams probably every night. We just don't remember the majority of them. So, why did this particular dream burn itself into my eternal memory?  Hmmm......someone trying to scare the sh**, I mean crap out me?  No need for that, I just need to run for 3 or miles and that's literally taken care of, so No Thank You, dream fairies! 

I'm sure I've forgotten a few details of my wacky dream, but I'll give a summary to clue you in.  I'm running, of course, but this is no ordinary run and this is obvious from the very beginning.  My first water stop is no normal scenario.  Instead of water, the volunteers are offering some "New" hydrating beverage and are attempting to utilize the situation as an advertising opportunity.  The majority of the runners are in an uproar as they inform us this is the only product available throughout the run for hydration, take it or leave it. I leave it, knowing that any pink liquid usually contains high contents of sugar and I don't need any unnecessary reason to run faster.  

As I continue my race, I eventually notice I am not wearing shoes. Me not wearing running shoes in a race?  The last and probably only time I failed to wear running shoes while running was when I needed to catch up with the ice cream truck and felt as though I couldn't spare the extra seconds to find them and put them on. Seriously! Don't laugh! You know you've thought about doing the same thing.....half naked.  The ice cream would have been worth your neighborhood banning you from all future block parties.  Who needs neighbors anyway? You have your running buddies!

Once I discovered my shoeless feet strangely enough were not affecting my running, I remembered I hadn't utilized my Albuterol inhaler prior to commencing my run. Normally, any attempt at any running without the use of my asthma inhaler would have left me breathless and ultimately unable to run without extreme discomfort and eventually walking.  Just as my shoes didn't inhibit my running, I realized my lack of drug usage was in no way affecting my running abilities. 

My next realization was that the course was no ordinary course.  Instead of a road race or wooded trail run, it appeared as if I were in some botanical garden with frog infested water features and wooded bridges.  After my pleasant run though the garden, my surroundings suddenly changed and I was running down the stairs of an unidentifiable building. 

 As the runners came out of the building, we came out on a road where I noticed the finish line was not too far off.   The mood of the runners suddenly changed.  They started getting violent by pushing and tripping each other out of the way in an attempt to get to the finish line first.  That was the last of any of the dream that I remembered. 

I had mentioned the fear this dream had brought up and the coincidence someone might suggest considering I just recently committed myself to training and running a full marathon for the first time ever after years of only running the half marathons. I highly doubt the coincidence aspect and suggest real concerns that my sleep state are pulling to the surface. In my dream, my issues had no adverse effects on my running. 

 My real fears surrounding these issues are just that, real issues that can seriously affect my training and running in real life.  I have failed to remember to use my inhaler prior to a race or another event. Thankfully, it was not a long race, and I was able to finish; just not as quickly or comfortably as I would prefer. If this were a half or full marathon, I would be highly disappointed as I would end up walking the majority of it.  

As for the lack of water at the race tables, this is a very serious issue for me personally, especially in the longer runs.  I accidentally grabbed a Gatorade cup once during a race and quickly consumed it prior to noticing it wasn't water. Those few ounces of sugar water was enough to cause debilitating cramps almost immediately.  Thankfully, it was towards the end of the race and I was able to finish but at a much slower and  painful pace while still making it to a port o let in a timely manner.

What about you? Do you have crazy dreams about your running or cycling? Feel free to bring                         out your "Sigmund Freud" psychoanalysis!

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  1. I can not even being to tell you the number of tris I've done where they have been OUT of water during the run portion. Fighting 100F and over 90% humidity down here that is UNACCECPTABLE, its unacceptable anywhere actually... and I won't return to do a race when that happens. Run out of sport drink, coke, gels, oranges, cookies...whatever; BUT NEVER, EVER WATER!! I drink enough of my own electrolye concoction on the bike so by the time I'm running, my body is done with that crap....I want water and I need water. Apparently everyone else does too if they're running out!! UGH!!! Pet Peeve, can you tell??!!! :)

  2. Jenn, I have to say I consider myself lucky that I have never experienced an organized run that ran out of water. All of my runs have been local, therefore; organized usually by the same 2-3 event organizers. They must know what they are doing, as I've ran quite a few runs, especially in the last 6 months, and not once was that an issue. Coincidentally, my first full marathon will also be another first for me, an out of state run. Hoping the plain H2O is plentiful in Dayton, Ohio's Air Force Marathon.
    Mom Runs Faster Than Dad (Christina)