Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Tidbit Number One:  I'll be 40 this August! What does this mean? Technically, it only means I was born 40 years ago to that day.  For others, it means I'm expected to have this big party with cake & balloons & whatever else is party appropriate.  Guess what? This is not on my agenda for this particular day.  So, where will I be, you ask? 

See, I'm not the only one with the same idea!
 A Triathlon on your 40th! 
My goal is to immediately commence training for my first Olympic distance triathlon, the Tri Indy once I've ran the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon and the Flying Pig Marathon on May 4th and 5th, respectively.  I figured it to be fate when I found this tri to be on my actual 40th birthday date. What more could a girl ask for?  Well, according to almost everyone else....friends, family; I should be asking for a big party.  If you want to be a part of my 40th birthday, let me know and I'll point you in the direction of my tri finish line.  I will at least make sure there is cake. 

Coincidentally, I'm currently watching the movie This Is 40

Tidbit Number Two:  I'm currently on vacation in Florida.  I'm happy for the sunny skies and warmer weather.  Indy weather has been less than desirable for alleged March and the Spring season.  I'm just too happy to head out, finally, in shorts & a tank; no accessories needed.  I can do without gloves, a hat, and having to question my judgment on whether a second layer is needed.  

Husband and I headed out for 6 mile run the first full day we were here and then took in a short 8 mile bike ride.  It was fabulous.  Brother-in-law that currently has the privilege of our presence, lol, was so amused by our KT Tape that he insisted on taking a picture.  

Third and Last Tidbit: I almost didn't take this vacation. Why, you ask? Long story short, we've taken a Spring Break vacation with all 3 of the kiddos for the last so many years that I've lost count.  Last year, we took our standard beach side vacation....with only 2 of those 3 kiddos.    

The other & oldest and at the time, a high school senior felt that her last year of high school was more worthy of a different endeavor than hanging out with dear old dad and mom.  I agreed to let her hang out with her best friend and my mom, both who live in Vegas for the week.  I was ok with that, since she was with her grandmother and what I consider family friends.  

Fast forward a year.  We scheduled our usual spring break vacation but knowing that once again one of us would be missing.  My previous high school senior is now a college freshman and her spring break schedule doesn't coincide with the other two.  I know that's part of life and I was alright with that, kind of.  

Slowly, they dropped like flies.  The youngest wanted to spend the week with friends in Florida. The middle one eventually said he didn't want to go at all.  As he's gotten older & has outgrown making sand castles and burying his brother in the sand, he veers away from the sun, sand and surf like I veer from 40th birthday parties.  I understand his pain.  Just because the rest of the common population enjoys something, doesn't mean you should be required to join.  "To each their own."  as I frequently say.  

Regardless of my respect for his dislike of the sun and sand I crave, I wasn't ready for the full family separation.  I called my husband at work and asked if he would be too horribly disappointed if we didn't go at all.  At this point, it's just husband and myself on vacation, a Spring Break vacation that is generally spent with the kids.  It bothered me so much to the point I felt sick. 

The Famous Dachshund Duo & Now World Renowned
as Escape Artists.
Husband obliged my mental breakdown and agreed that we wouldn't go.  With a tad convincing from the older kids and against my better judgement, I eventually agreed to go.  Everyone still has all of their limbs, the house is still standing according to the neighbors, and the police have yet to be called to my house.  The only incident I've been informed of is the attempted get away of the dachshund duo.  They were caught and brought home by a helpful neighbor.  I'm only wondering what they were trying to get away from.  They never attempt to leave when I'm at home.  

Can you only imagine the blog post when one of them tries to move out? 

Fourth Tidbit:  I know, I know, I said the last tidbit was my last.  It's my blog and I'll add tidbits if I want to.  As we were leaving my brother-in-law's condo the other day here in Florida, I seen a type of duck that I had never seen before, even in my many years of trips here. He seemed quite friendly and approachable.  Coincidentally, I had a box of Cheez-its in the car.  I grabbed a handful and he quickly snapped them up.  

Husband & the youngest son (who is currently on the
other side of Florida with friends)
 feeding the other Dexter.
Isn't he handsome? 
The next day, guess who was at the back door? My duck!  I fed him again and named him Dexter, just like half of my dachshund duo at home, because his eating similarities to him.  He snaps his snacks right out of mid-air.  

He has been back to see me today as well.  Brother-in-law insists Dexter will be disappointed once I leave, as he will not continue his daily snack ritual.  I've already informed him I will inform all of the neighborhood kids to knock on his door daily if he doesn't feed ducky.  

I'm done now.  There will be no fifth tidbit that is really my last. 

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