Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Cheating on My Husband!

All names have been changed to protect the guilty.

My husband tells me one morning that the neighbors are going to start talking. Of course, I ask him about what.  He was referring to Fabio, my neighbor and our weekend rendezvous.  I quickly remind him that if he would give me what I need, I wouldn't have to sneak out with Fabio early Saturday mornings. 

When I'm not with Fabio, I often sneak out with Daisy.  She's been my "partner in crime" for years.  Fabio can't do what Daisy does, and Daisy doesn't do well, what Fabio does.  Therefore; I keep my options open.  Don't they say variety is the spice of life?   

My motto is the more the merrier.   Many of Fabio & I's Saturday morning rendezvous have often been threesomes and on one occasion, we were really swinging with five willing participants!  My husband has even been adventurous enough on occasion to get in on the action.  He's just not into it as much as Fabio & myself.  

Daisy has been my consistent partner for the last five years.  Dear husband doesn't mind.  He would rather it be her than him.  He's not into the looong, sloooow action we prefer.  In fact, every time I convince (coerce) him into it, he starts out too fast in his attempt to keep up with me and has to stop.  

I've been running with Daisy for almost five years and have done all of my half marathons with her, a feat my husband refuses to do. Daisy and I run everywhere; the neighborhoods, downtown, the park, etc.   

Fabio and I just started cycling this last summer.  We usually like to get in at least 25 to 40 miles before noon by riding the Monon or heading over to a local apple orchard.  

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