Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Challenge: 30 Days of Planking!

This is my first fitness challenge ever created. I will not lie! This isn't just for your ladies and gentlemen.  You motivate me as much as I hope that I motivate you.  This is to keep us all accountable and motivated through the first month of the new year, 2013.

The challenge is simple.  One minute of plank for each number of the date (ie. Jan 2= Two 1 minute planks, Jan 3= Three 1 minute planks, Jan 31= You guessed it...Thirty-One 1 minute planks! At least you have all day to get them done as you see fit.

Feel free to vary your planks! Make them as difficult or as easy as you need.  Do a side plank today and shake it up tomorrow with a leg raising plank.  Join us over at Facebook to chart your progress and to hang out with some fabulous, fit minded people.


Thanks to those who have endured reading my long, sometimes rambling blog entries, liked me on Facebook and/or have followed me on Twitter . If you have yet to do so and are a glutton for punishment, you may also find me here on Daily Mile and Pinterest. 

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