Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolution Revolution

Proof I was there! 
Note to self & word of advice:  Do not register for a run the morning after a New Year's Eve Party you are hosting.  When a party doesn't end until 1 a.m. and you stay up in attempt to clean up the mess until 2 a.m., getting up in the wee wee hours of the morning to run in the ice cold doesn't seem so fun when your alarm goes off. 

If it weren't for the fact that I am as cheap as you can get and unless I'm close to death, I refuse not to run if I've paid for registration. Since I had preregistered and a running buddy was expecting my presence, I headed out into the frigid temps of downtown Indy. 

The Ken Long & Assoc.'s Resolution Revolution was the local run to celebrate the new year. It was a non-timed run that you could do in 3 mile increments of 3, 6, or 9 miles.  Prior to staying up until 2 a.m. and heading out into temps suitable for icebergs & penguins, I had every intention of doing the full 9 miles.   

I was glad that I had gotten my tired, cold rear out of bed. As they say, "The only workout you ever regret is the one that you didn't do.", or something like that. I met my friend in the nice warm building of the Indiana War Memorial where we waited to see if we were the lucky winners of any door prizes. Much to my surprise, they called my ticket number for a Nathan's Sonic Boom iPhone 4s armband.  I don't have an iPhone, but my daughter does, and she was quite delighted with the unexpected gift.  

We then ventured out into the icy cold air to toast our way into the the new year with champagne in cute little plastic toasting glasses.  I was so cold and shivering so bad, that I had to hold my cup with one hand and steady it with the other to avoid my champagne shaking out of the glass.  I'm not fond of the majority of alcoholic beverages including champagne, so I toasted my running partner, took a miniscule sip and let the rest find its way into the snow.  

We commenced our run with no final decision on whether we were going to finish after 3, 6 or 9 miles. We decided out loud that we would make that decision closer to the end of the first 3 mile loop based on how we felt.  In my head, I told myself I would run whatever "running partner" decided was best for her all while secretly hoping she was in no more of a mood to run than I was. 

So around mile 2 and half or wherever I was at this particular moment, with fingers that hurt they were so cold and a face I could no longer feel, "running friend" stated her intent to finish up this frosty run at the first loop.  For someone who hates to pay for 5k's because of the "lack of mileage" I'm paying for, I was uncharacteristically ecstatic. 

HA, Please take note, on January 1st, 2013, I Christina a.k.a as "MomRunsFasterThanDad", became a running "wienie".  Listen to me whine........It was too cold, I was too tired.......blah, blah and more blah.  No, I don't want any cheese with that "whine".  So, 9 miles diminished to 3 and I took my happy, frozen body parts home where I finished cleaning the remnants of the night  prior and then became one with the recliner for the remainder of the day.  

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  1. Well done! Way to get out there!

  2. Hi Christina! I have been following for awhile and this week I nominated you for the Liebster award - my post with the details is here -

    Happy Running!

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