Monday, December 12, 2011

Jingle Bell 5k, Etc.

My "Elf Self" with Santa Claus after winning
 most original costume.

I just got around to cleaning up the glitter from bedazzling my elf costume that I wore this last weekend for the Jingle Bell Run.   There was so much glitter on the floor and in sporadic areas of the house, it reminded me of a past Facebook post from my sister that referenced excessive amounts of glitter and the possibility of her past life involving either a career as a kindergarten teacher or a stripper.  I had intended on getting this post up much sooner (right along with getting massive amounts of glitter off of my floor) , but as we all know, having children makes for a busy life and that's what this weekend has been; very busy

I started off the weekend, Friday evening, with picking up my race bib right after work and then rushing home to pick up the rest of the family to attend my youngest son's high school choir concert, Sounds of the Season.  I spent the rest of the evening finishing the glitter effects on my elf costume, then headed to bed as early as possible for my morning run. 

Ooooh, it was a cold one.  This was my coldest run yet. I waited until the last minute possible to head out of the building to hit the start line.  I was sure I was never going to feel my fingers again, standing out there in 20 degrees.  Just like the last time, I started to warm up to a comfortable temp within the first mile or so.  

It was a fun race.  There were a lot of Santa and elf hats being worn.  I heard quite of few "Go Elf!" as I ran the streets.  That was amusing being my first costume run.  Of course, being the "Jingle Bell Run", I heard lots of the bells as I ran.  I kept thinking, though, those bells never stop.  EVERYONE must have put their bells on until I remembered the continuous, non-stop bells were me.  They were in my hair and on my shoes. Duh!  I seen quite of few of them that had fallen off and were laying in the street.  I made sure to pay attention to the abandoned little noise makers, fearing they would be the reason for elf road kill instead of the freezing temps. 

I'm not sure of my finish time.  Just call it runner error times two.  I attached my timing chip on my elf belt at my waist.  I don't see my finish time on the list, so I'm assuming the chip must be located closer to the ground a.k.a. my shoe, for it to register.  I was having Garmin issues as well and wasn't able to get the timer started in order to register an accurate time.   I was only off by probably 3-5 seconds, so my unofficial time was probably 00:30:04. 

I ran into my uncle, a serious runner, prior to the race.  I got the pleasure of hanging out with him until start time.  He has bigger goals and faster feet than I do, so he ran off to get as close to the start line as possible.  Congrats to him!  He won first in his age group 60-64 years. 

I might not have placed in my age group, but I did win a prize that day.  My cute little elf self won a prize for the most original costume.  I'm not exactly sure what is most original about an elf around Christmas, but I'm not complaining.  My son and I definitely appreciated the restaurant's gift certificate I won. 

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