Monday, December 26, 2011

Rudolph Run


Let me start off by saying, I was very disappointed!  What would you expect to be the very first thing you should see when you arrive for a RUDOLPH Run?  Duh?! RUDOLPH, people, RUDOLPH!  I thought times had changed!  I thought Rudolph was allowed to play reindeer games.  

I did sight Frosty!  I know he's a jolly, happy soul, but I came for a Rudolph Run, not a Frosty Fleet.  Before word gets back to Frosty, let him know I love him dearly, but no one can be as dear to your heart as a cuddly little deer. 

My anticipated conversation with Rudolph quickly turned to disappointment.  "I have the overwhelming need to talk to all animals in visual site while driving or otherwise, whether they can hear me or not.  Not many, if any have yet to respond."  is noted on my "All About Me"  page.  I have an extreme fondness for most animals, as long as they have no tendencies or desires to slither or hiss. 

So, once I got over the lack of Rudolph's presence, I proceeded to registration; a quick process and stood around for a short while in the highly appreciated heated building.  The wind chill was quite, uh, need I say "Frosty"!  This was a small organized run of under 300 runners, I'm guessing.  

Six of those 300 or so runners consisted of myself and 5 other family members, 4 cousins and my uncle.  It's always a more fun and enjoyable race to run with friends and family, so regardless that Rudolph allegedly missed his flight, I was still excited to do the Frosty Fleet...I mean Rudolph Run.  Just like the Jingle Bell Run, my 60 year old uncle placed in his age group again.  Yeaa for him!  

To keep my holiday running spree, I will be running The Resolution Revolution on New Years Day!

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  1. Just found your blog via Run Like a Mother book... so nice to find someone who runs AND knows the perils of having teenagers.

  2. Hi Amy! Perils is a nice word for living with teenagers! You love them but want to hurt them!